Just A Day In ClayWorld 3 has begun!

2007-08-04 06:39:05 by TamiyaGuy

Yep, because of all the good reviews I've got for JADICW 2, I've decided to begin JADICW 3 early! I've decided to invest in a daylight bulb to make the animation clearer, but I'm not sure whether I was right to...


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2007-08-10 14:24:05

YES JIACW3 !!!!!!!!!!!!! :P keep it up.

TamiyaGuy responds:

thanks, man! A little problem, though. I keep meaning to do more of JADICW 3, but other stuff comes up. Actually, I'm gonna do more now! Thanks for your support!


2007-09-21 06:10:36


TamiyaGuy responds:

lol, thanks.


2007-09-21 06:11:29

what am i kidding 'cool.' you fucken rock! dude~! !!!!!

TamiyaGuy responds:

Glad you like my movies. You have seen my movies, right?


2007-11-03 14:29:10

Haha, your userpic is awesome

TamiyaGuy responds:

Thanks :D