Entry #1

First post :D

2007-07-18 12:24:59 by TamiyaGuy

Well, this keeps happening to me.. I'm just about happy with my Windows Live Spaces account (Just look here), then something new comes up that, iodds are, is much better than WLS. Oh, well. I'm too lazy to put everything I had here, so just go here (lol same place). Anyway, check out my movies here on NG: Just A Day In ClayWorld (pretty crap compared to 2), and Just A Day In ClayWorld 2 (waaaaaay better). I'm currently making JADICW 3, and a few other projects. Go see my real webpage for more info!!

Bye for now.


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2007-07-18 13:25:34

Listen, I don't wan to be mean, but I will be critical.

You're pretty much copying Knox with the voices, jokes, and claymen. You are a pretty good animator, but you need to be more original. (Co-co-Cola? Did you think nobody would notice?) I hope your third one is more original with different claymen.

TamiyaGuy responds:

Well, yeah, I was copying Knox virtually all the way with JADICW 1. I was having a bit of trouble with stuff, so I thought it would be OK just the one time. Well, seems I fucked up :(. I hope you've seen the 2nd as well, as JADICW 2 is so much better, with a storyline, better voices, animation, everything. Well, thanks for your opinions!!!


2007-09-21 06:10:13

good luck on the clay animations though it is copied but ur vrsion is better!! it just is (my opinion) and nice webpage good luck with numba 3 !! <(o_o)>

TamiyaGuy responds:

Thanks for seeing past me copying Knox, and thanks for looking at my webpage.

Unfortunately, JADICW 3 isn't coming along that well, so don't expect it any time in 2007 :(