JADICW 3 and other stuff

2008-03-20 12:40:54 by TamiyaGuy

OK, first of all, I'm afraid to say that JADICW 3 has been encountering some small delays (again). Basically, I just can't get the storyline right. Everything seems a bit too random, and I really want to get a slow storyline going. Nevertheless, I AM still chipping away at it, and hopefully it should be done in a couple of months, but I really can't tell at the moment. I'm trying my best, honest!

In other news, I've finally uploaded some photos from my 14th birthday (only 3 months late =]), so head on over to my photos section section to see those. I've also added a couple of shots to my "General SLR photos" part as well. I'm really enjoying my photography now I have the D40, and am looking into taking it further. I'll probably have some more interesting shots uploaded sometime.

For more info, head on over to my website. Comments are welcome here, too, but I get lonely over there :(

See ya!


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2008-04-09 18:52:09

Please don't kill the claymen.....think of their loved ones.

TamiyaGuy responds:

Heheh, they'll kill each other if I don't kill them first xD